In a world that celebrates authenticity, ALDO is poised to empower and inspire with its latest fall campaign, “Own It. Heart It.” Through an exciting collaboration with three prominent Asian celebrities – Cinta Laura, Gabbi Garcia, and Khanh Linh – the campaign emphasizes ALDO’s dedication to celebrating individual style, empowerment, and confidence. This initiative resonates with a global audience that values self-expression and authenticity.

The collection showcases ALDO’s versatility through a diverse range of products that offer the perfect match for any occasion:

  1. Nail It. Heart It: Conquering the Workday in Style
  2. Walk It. Heart It: Effortlessly strutting through the streets.
  3. Glam It. Heart It: Radiating style at glamorous events
  4. Dance It, Heart It: Unleashing One’s Style on the Dance Floor

Throughout the campaign, ALDO emphasizes the comfort features of their shoes with “Pillow Walk Technology,” ensuring that customers not only look great but feel great too.

ALDO’s brand ambassadors, Cinta Laura, Gabbi Garcia, and Khanh Linh, have shared their enthusiasm for the products, highlighting the comfort and style ALDO brings to their lives.

Cinta Laura, celebrity and sociopreneur, expressed, “I could walk all day and dance all night in these shoes. They’re super comfy and suitable for all  occasions.

Gabbi Garcia, actress and global endorser, noted, “The perfect comfy pair. Clearly, ALDO understands the needs of modern women. Furthermore, it is also very easy to throw them on with any outfit.”

Khanh Linh, a well-known fashionista, shared, “These make hours of work feel like a breeze and moments to unwind more anticipated. I love the fact that it’s both comfortable and stylish.

The campaign kicks off on October 23rd, 2023, and will continue to inspire and uplift customers throughout the fall and winter seasons.

The collection can be shopped at ALDO stores, ALDO websites, and online marketplace partners, making it easy for customers to explore and express their personal style.


About ALDO 

Founded in 1972, ALDO, the group’s flagship brand, delivers fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach. For more information, please visit and, and follow @aldo_shoes and #AldoCrew on social media for updates.


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