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In a remarkable fusion of entertainment and technology, Vivo Malaysia, a prominent player in the thriving mobile industry, joyfully concludes its official partnership with Sunway Lagoon for the eagerly awaited Halloween extravaganza, The Night of Frights 9. This collaboration shines a spotlight on the innovative Vivo V29 5G smartphone, showcasing its exceptional Aura Light 2.0 feature. The presence of the popular celebrity, Anna Jobbling, brings an extra layer of thrill and delight to the event, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

At the event, both the media and KOLs had the opportunity to experience firsthand the impressive features of the Vivo V29 5G. They were captivated by its ability to capture stunning Halloween-themed photographs. The Aura Light 2.0 consistently excelled at capturing exceptional portraits even in tricky lighting conditions, intensifying the thrill of the moment. This collaboration between Vivo Malaysia and Sunway Lagoon not only highlighted Vivo’s technological prowess but also injected an element of sophistication into the Halloween festivities. It was a synergy of innovation, entertainment, and captivating technology, making the event an unforgettable experience for all.

Furthermore, Vivo Malaysia has launched the “99 Nights in Portrait 2.0” photography contest. This contest is designed to not only showcase the remarkable Aura Light 2.0 feature of the Vivo V29 5G but also to seek out emerging talents with the ability to capture mesmerizing portraits in a variety of lighting situations. In light of the Halloween theme from October 23rd to 31st, Vivo Malaysia enthusiastically invites Malaysians to join the contest and have an opportunity to win exclusive prizes, including the Vivo V29 5G. Seize the opportunity and join now!

For more information, please stay tuned for the latest updates on the Vivo Malaysia official Facebook page and the Vivo Malaysia official website.


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