Reigning Title Holders Crown Successors at Kids & Teens Pageant Global 2024

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The much-anticipated second edition of the Kids & Teens Pageant Global (2024) commenced with the National Costume & Talent rounds at the Atria Shopping Galleria on Wednesday, 6 March, marking the beginning of the preliminary competition.

The well-received homegrown international pageant is participated by 29 young delegates from 8 countries – Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, India, Uganda, South Africa, and Malaysia.

The pageant which was founded by Leo Raynold of Leading Management in 2022, has rapidly grown to become one of the most prominent and respected kids and teens competition in the region while setting new standards in the industry. The delegates will be competing in 5 different categories this year – Mini Miss Global (ages 4 – 9), Little Miss Global (10 – 12), Miss Pre Teen Global (13 – 15), Little Mister Global (4 – 12) and Mister Teen Global (13 – 17).

The creative, intricate and colourful national costumes presented by the delegates in the preliminary competition today, showcased the diverse and deep cultural heritage of each of the participating countries. It was also steeped rich in history or mythological significance of their respective cultures and people. The impressive collection of outfits certainly caught the attention of the judges and everyone who was watching. It was clear that the delegates and their parents or guardians went the extra mile in order to research, curate and showcase the beauty of their nations at the competition, making it quite difficult for the judges to shortlist the outstanding ones.

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The top 3 qualifiers for Best National Costume in the Mini Miss Global category were Naura Irawan (Indonesia), Althea Frhanccine Parco Balala (The Philippines) and Aaisyah Batrisya Puteri (Malaysia) while the Top 3 in the Little Miss Global category were Chheng Lisa (Cambodia), Arumi Khayla Aqila (Indonesia) & Michela Amato (Uganda). The Little Teen Global & Mister Teen Global category saw Adrian Rinastan Agung (Indonesia), Praanshu Saikumar Naidu (India) & Alif Akbar Diesa (Indonesia) qualifying in the Top 3, while Zenande Owami Mbebe (South Africa), Nadya Christy Cinta (Indonesia), Shresta Prakash (India), Nusin Yongsoulee (Laos), Aura Palupi Sashikirana (Indonesia) and Isabelle Dez (Malaysia) made the Top 6 in Miss Pre Teen Global category.

The delegates and their families also went the extra mile to prepare their young delegates for the talent round, with an incredible array of well-polished, highly entertaining and educational performances, being presented during the 2-hour long preliminary competition.

The top 3 qualifiers for Best Talent in the Mini Miss Global category were Yukti Anubhav Rustagi (India), Naura Irawan (Indonesia) and Aaisyah Batrisya Puteri (Malaysia) while the Top 3 in the Little Miss Global category were Jovena Sonia Dass (Malaysia), Maninout Singsomphone (Laos) & Cinta Danisya (Malaysia). The Little Teen Global & Mister Teen Global category saw Adrian Rinastan Agung (Indonesia), Matthew Reyes Austria (The Philippines) & Praanshu Saikumar Naidu (India) qualifying in the Top 3, while Nadya Christy Cinta (Indonesia), Tvisha Nayan Kori (India), Aura Palupi Sashikirana (Indonesia), Manvi Singh (India) and Nurin Naffiesya (Malaysia) made the Top 5 in Miss Pre Teen Global category.

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The National Costume & Talent competition was judged by established fashion designer, founder of Pris Bridal & Mrs Glam World Malaysia 2022 Agnes Angie Martin (Head Judge), image consultant & Mrs Classic Global Asian 2024 Joanne Lam, Miss Teen Global 2023 Kong Chan Narya, Miss Pre Teen Global 2023 Angelina Vongxaya, Little Miss Global 2023 Monyneath Chhorda and Mister Teen Global 2023 Tristan John Lander Balala.

The pageant week of the competition is being held from 4th to 9th March 2024. Most of the candidates, their accompanying families and also their national directors arrived in Malaysia on Monday 4th March 2024. They are hosted at the fancy and relatively new KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the official hotel of the pageant.

Kids & Teens Pageant Global is organised by Leading Management and is supported by Tiara Management, Dream World Management & Glam Management. Main sponsors include Pris Bridal, Beast Cosmetics and Artfigura. The official venue is Galaxy Banquet Hall with Atria Shopping Gallery as the Official Preliminary Competition venue. Adam Chen is the Official Stage Choreographer while Abang Yus Studio is the Official Photographer. The Origin Arts is the Official Videographer while Livefeed.KL is the Official Streaming Partner.

Rentak Sejuta, Slay KL & Hype Pageantry are the Official Media Partners.

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