Kee Releases Heartfelt Single “Take Me Back”

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With his latest single, ‘Take Me Back‘, Kee, a talented new artist, encapsulates the essence of nostalgia and heartfelt reminiscence. The song beautifully captures the sweet moments shared with a special someone, inviting listeners to embark on an emotional journey down memory lane.

“The song is about remembering those sweet moments you had with someone special. Whenever I listen to the song it always brings me back to the time where the emotions are similar to the song project,” he explained excitedly.

After dedicating time to vocal training for about 2 months, the results are  as expected. ‘Take Me Back’ showcases not only the heartfelt lyrics but also the remarkable improvement in the artist’s singing abilities. The commitment to vocal excellence shines through, making the final rendition a testament to Kee’s dedication and passion for musical expression.

“I have spent so much time ensuring everything runs smoothly upon recording. I also had to take vocal lessons for almost two months to improve my singing abilities and overall I am very pleased with how it turned out.”

“Take Me Back” posed a formidable challenge, as its original range fell outside of Kee’s comfort zone. However, with the encouragement and belief of those surrounding him, especially the record label team, he embarked on a transformative journey through vocal classes. The great support received to project his voice into the heart of the song were pivotal, and he was profoundly grateful for the collaborative effort that has brought this musical achievement to fruition.“At first, this song was really difficult for me to sing because it was not in my range until they convinced me to go to vocal class and improve more in my singing skills, and they really believed in me on how I would project my voice into this song, and I’m really thankful for that,” Kee added.

New dimension of his artistic expression, “Take Me Back” unveils the lover boy side in him, a facet never before revealed to the public. The excitement is real, and he can’t wait for listeners to enjoy the special song.

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“With this song, people are going to see and discover that lover boy side of me which I’ve never shown to the public. I am excited for the release, more than ever. For this song, I’m not rapping, I am actually singing, which is something new for you guys and it’s a really sweet and lovely song,” he said.

Kee was captivated from the moment the song was shared by Omar K and Dari, who both collaborated on the creation and composition. Their collective talent and vision resonated instantly, and he knew that “Take Me Back” is a musical gem he wanted to be a part of. The synergy in their work and the emotional depth of the song spoke, making it an instant and heartfelt addition to his musical repertoire.

“Omar K and Dari are both amazing. “Take Me Back” instantly resonated with me, compelling me to embrace its emotional depth and make it an integral part of my musical journey. Once they shared the song with me, I knew I wanted it immediately,” he added.

“I do hope that this song really resonates with everyone that listens and it just reminds them of the good times of that, really sweet and innocent love,” he said, ending the conversation.

“Take Me Back” can be downloaded on iTunes and enjoyed through all music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music.



Artist: CloutyKee

Title: Take Me Back

Producer & Composer: Omar K

Lyricist: Omar K, Dari



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