RIM Honors Music Industry Professionals at ‘Sumbangan Rahmah Industri Muzik 2024’ Charity Event”

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The Recording Industry of Malaysia (RIM) hosted a heartfelt tribute to music industry practitioners together with Public Performance Malaysia (PPM) at the ‘Sumbangan Rahmah Industri Muzik 2024’ (SRIM) charity programme event in conjunction with this year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations held tonight at Pullman KLCC. This significant occasion aimed to provide support to those who have encountered financial difficulties and health challenges in their professional journey within the local music industry.

In his statement, Rosmin Hashim, the Chairman of RIM and PPM expressed gratitude for the support received for the ‘Sumbangan Rahmah Industri Muzik’ charity programme which was launched on 31 May 2023.  The charity programme, an extension of RIM’s Emergency Fund aid initiative and supported by Public Performance Malaysia (PPM), Malaysia’s oldest Collective Management Organisation (CMO) has an annual allocation of RM100,000 to aid music industry practitioners facing financial hardship and health issues.

“The ‘Sumbangan Rahmah Industri Muzik’ supports the Perpaduan Government with the ‘Negara Madani’ initiative, aimed at alleviating the cost of living burden faced by the people including music industry practitioners. To-date, a total of 48 local music industry practitioners have benefited from RIM’s SRIM and Emergency Fund charity programmes” said Rosmin.

He added that “the SRIM fund can benefit all music industry practitioners from singers, musicians, songwriters, public relations officers of recording companies to entertainment journalists who have all played an important part in the development of the local music industry. With the SRIM 2024 event tonight, we are continuing our efforts to provide deserving local music industry practitioners the assistance that they sorely need to alleviate their hardship. We are also deeply honoured to have YB Datuk Armizan bin Mohd Ali, the KPDN Minister to officiate tonight’s proceedings, showing that the government supports initiatives aimed at alleviating the hardships faced by the people including music industry practitioners”.

Among the highlights of the event was the recognition of 21 deserving recipients comprising songwriters, performers, record label personnel and entertainment journalists who have fallen on hard times. The following deserving local music industry practitioners were acknowledged for their long service and significant contributions to the local music industry:

  1. Roy Rauzan – Singer
  2. Fredo (Flybaits) – Singer
  3. Shuib (Freedom) – Musician
  4. Nas Ahmad (Melodi) – Entertainment TV Journalist 
  5. Isma Aliff – Singer 
  6. Azman Warren – Singer 
  7. Lord Lokman – Composer
  8. Raja Zainal (Bumiputra Rockers) – Musician 
  9. Cico Harahap – Singer
  10. Abass Abu Bakar (Mamu) – Composer
  11. S. Rohani – Singer 
  12. To’ki – Singer/Composer 
  13. Mel (Wings) – Singer 
  14. Dwan (Harian Metro) – Entertainment Journalist 
  15. Rosmansah (Manpare) – Musician 
  16. Rina Baharin – Recording Company PR
  17. Zydee (One Nation Emcees) – Singer 
  18. Jessy – Singer
  19. Sariah Idris – Recording Company PR 
  20. Iskandar (Spring) – Musician 
  21. Huzz Kamaludin (URTV) – Entertainment Journalist

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Special honours were also bestowed upon two outstanding local artistes, Ernie Zakri and Dolla who have made great strides in the international markets. Recently, Ernie Zakri topped the Gen 98.7 FM radio chart in Indonesia with her duet song “Masing Masing” with Indonesian singer, Govinda while Dolla recently represented Malaysia in the popular reality programme, ‘Show It All’ in China. Their latest achievements serve as further testament to the ability of Malaysian talents to break into regional and global markets. 

In his speech, Rosmin also highlighted the importance of extending the term of copyright protection to 70 years or longer to enable rights holders to earn royalties for a longer period of time and to be in line with new international standards. Rosmin also lauded the KPDN ministry’s anti-piracy enforcement action that has helped the local music industry achieve the highest revenues in its history in 2023.    

Following the KPDN Minister’s officiation of the programme, guests were treated to entertaining performances by current and evergreen artistes such as Amir Masdi, Ernie Zakri, Dolla, Syamel, Dina and Xpose, Dato’ Aishah and Jay Jay. 

Details of the ‘Sumbangan Rahmah Industri Muzik’ charity programme including eligibility, criteria and application form can be found at www.rim.org.my/sumbangan-rahmah-application 

For more information, visit www.rim.org.my or follow us at facebook.com/RecordingIndustryMalaysia and @recordingindustrymalaysia on Instagram.

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