‘KOONGWORLD’ super rookie VIN Single ‘Nail’ Released

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The song “Nail,” which is VIN’s debut single, captures the heart of a woman who has taken to biting her nails in remembrance of her split lover. The Lo-Fi soundtrack, which features a catchy pace and a dreamy tune, is amazing.

The song, which contains delicate and trendy sensibilities with VIN’s unique clear and attractive voice, songwriters and producers Yoon Sang-jo and Kang Yeon-wook, who have worked with K-pop artists such as IZ*ONE and Ryu Soo-jung, participated to maximize VIN’s charm.

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VIN is a new female solo artist who developed her singing and performance skills after eight years of training, and said through her agency “I’m happy to finally release an album under my name after a long practice,” adding, “I want to meet my fans through various activities.

“Meanwhile, her agency ‘KOONGWORLD’ is a new music platform based on ‘Direct Transaction’, which allows users to upload their own music and earn sales revenue, offering services for musicians around the world, where everything from making to selling K-pop music is possible. In addition, various events will be held on the official website (https://koong.world) from March 2024.

The publishing rights of the song is administered by Dato M.Nasir’s company, Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd for territory Malaysia.

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