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The 38th Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL 38) proved to be the most iconic when the entire Malaysian people were thrilled and delighted when ‘Hasrat’ was named the song champion. This emotional and heart-catching work for the audience is a complete invention, and the singing is by Amir Jahari.

The prestigious award has managed to reach 6.4 million TV views, showing a 13% increase over AJL 37 during its live broadcast on TV3 on March 3, 2024, starting at 9:00 p.m. Television access is also the highest record since 2021. Total live streams exclusively on watch as well as the Watch app on March 3, 2024 also recorded a 153% increase in total watch hours on Watch. Access through social media platforms also showed an increase of 39.3% with a total record of 3.2 billion and famous on social media over three days. (sources: Nielsen, Tonton & Meltwater).

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According to Ms. Nini Yusof, Chief Executive Officer, Prima Media Television Network and Primeworks Studios, “AJL 38 succeeded in achieving its goal as the most iconic AJL in its organization of the best song. The stunning opening performance and the MUZIKAVERSE theme also sparked incredible inspiration and creativity from all parties like the station, production, and line-up of AJL 38 finalists, and also contributed to a very unique concept of performance and stage design. On behalf of TV3, I would like to congratulate and thank the more than 200 Media Prima employees who have been involved in celebrating AJL 38. Keep working and delivering fresh, exciting, entertaining, and inspiring content to everyone. Thanks also to the sponsors who jointly realized this most iconic AJL stage.”

Since its establishment, the Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) has aimed to nominate the best song of each year. The Anugerah Juara Lagu are an important platform in the Malaysian music industry that brings together a variety of musical genres produced by local music employees and provides opportunities for them to highlight their talent and creativity. Besides, the program is also an intermediary that connects fans with their favorite singers and witnesses the evolution of AJL over 38 years of publication.

AJL 38 watched 12 songs intersect to embrace the titles of Champion, Second Place, Third Place, Best Vocal, and Best Performance. The Award Night compares two iconic charismatic lawyers, Sherry Alhadad and Alif Satar. The Red Carpet was hosted by Fizi Ali and Fiza Frizzy which aired on TV9 at 8.30 p.m.

AJL 38 opens the curtain with a very energetic performance with a girl band concept that combines two vocalists, namely Shila Amzah and Vanessa Reynauld, and for the second time an opening performance with international and local medley songs. Sissy Iman as a keyboard player with three very talented young musicians, namely Naimi Daini (drums), Tasneem Bolhasan (bass), and Anis Kalisa (guitar). Interlude AJL38 was also celebrated by three great singers: Datuk Zainal Abidin, Ella, and Dayang Nurfaizah.

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AJL 38 is specially sponsored by Alha Alfa as the main sponsor. It looks different with Alha Alfa; the difference is our uniqueness.” “Given by Applecrumby, the Capable Treasure.” “Collaboration with Anker, Teknologi Terkini, Menjana Generasi Bijak Malaysia.” Hot FM as a radio companion. OhBulan!, XTRA, and Seismik as digital partners.

AJL 38 winning line:

Category Prize Winner
Champion RM 100,000 and a trophy Hasrat


Amir Jahari

Second Place RM 50,000 and a trophy Sutera

Composer: Aisha Retno & MFMF

Lyricist / Singer: Aisha Retno                                                                                        

Third Place RM 30,000 and a trophy Jangan Mati Rasa Itu


Aina Abdul

Best Vokal 

RM 12,000 and a trophy Jangan Mati Rasa Itu – Aina Abdul

Best Performance

RM 12,000 and a trophy Sutera – Aisha Retno

Alha Alfa Choice Singer

RM12,000 and a trophy Jangan Mati Rasa Itu – Aina Abdul

The AJL 38 production session was led by Russell Mark Rodrigues, Head of Production, Branding, and Entertainment Unit TV3, Shazreena Mohd Kassim as executive publisher, and Shahrizan Razalli as publisher.

For more information and the latest developments on the TV3 program, visit and follow the official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @TV3Malaysia. Use #AJL38 and #muzikaverse to warm up the conversation on the social media platform.

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