Together with Rebel Asia, Amir Hasan amazes fans with TANGO

Amir Hasan, a 27-year-old singer-songwriter known for his melodious vocals and happiness-infused pop songs since his debut in 2014, has embarked on a new venture by creating fresh hip hop music with his latest single, titled “Tango.”

‘Tango’ is a testament to his artistic flexibility and evolution in the realm of music. His deep interest in hip hop music was cultivated 15 years ago at the age of 12, where the international male hip hop artist, Eminem, served as his main inspiration. As he grew older, his passion for hip hop deepened, leading him to further explore and draw inspiration from local hip hop figures, including the iconic duo of the group Too Phat, Joe Flizzow and Malique. From there, Amir honed his freestyle singing talent, diving into this dynamic genre.

Amir Hasan is excited to take on this challenge in order to broaden the spectrum of his musical identity. ‘Tango’ represents the voice of his alter ego and showcases his distinct musical style. This bold move not only demonstrates his evolution in the music industry, but also reflects his determination to explore hip hop even further.

The song ‘Tango’ is set to provide a positive experience and valuable lessons to listeners, encouraging them to live life with vigor and dedication towards achieving greater heights in the future.

“The song ‘Tango’ is about proving to ourselves that everyone is capable of overcoming challenges in life. It’s not about where we come from, but our success is measured by the effort and determination we put in. Don’t doubt yourself, as self-doubt is a negative aspect and a hindrance to progress,” explained Amir about the meaning behind ‘Tango’.

The song-making process began with a spontaneous freestyle session with Rash, a member of the Lawalah group. Amir only took five hours to meticulously prepare the song ‘Tango’ perfectly. Nevertheless, Amir Hasan acknowledges that he might face some challenges ahead due to his transition from a pop singer to a hip hop artist. This might spark doubts among fans and netizens. However, Amir is determined to face these challenges boldly in the entertainment world.

“Through our spontaneous meeting with Rebel Asia, we freestyled based on our musical journey and experiences. Eventually, the song ‘Tango’ emerged on its own, and we decided to release this single under Sony Music Malaysia,” he described the process of creating ‘Tango’.

“Although I’m likely to encounter challenges such as the acceptance of listeners and fans towards ‘Tango’ due to its different genre compared to my previous songs, I am also very confident that this song will win hearts and receive a warm reception from the community. This work not only maintains relevance with current trends but also caters to the taste of present-day listeners, especially on social media platforms like TikTok,” he added.

Furthermore, Rebel Asia also shared his feelings of excitement upon getting the opportunity to collaborate with Amir Hasan on the song ‘Tango’.

“I’m definitely thrilled to be involved in the song ‘Tango’. We worked hard to create this meaningful offering while following current trends that have a catchy hip hop vibe, and we hope that listeners can relate with the song,” Rebel said with a sweet smile.

Amir Hasan is on the brink of an extraordinary evolution, and he is ready to captivate listeners with his dynamic lyrical transformations and energetic singing. Hopefully, this bold move will have a positive impact.

Listen to ‘Tango’ now on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, KKBox, YouTube, and YouTube Music. It is also available for download on iTunes.

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Artists: Amir Hasan, Rebel Asia

Title: Tango

Producer: Rebel Asia & Madebyartin

Composer: P4Pi, Rebel Asia & Madebyartin

Lyricist: P4Pi, Rebel Asia




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