The TikTok Shop provides a lift to (SMEs) during the most significant online sales occasion of the year

For more than ten years since its establishment, the 11.11 sales event, recognized as ‘Singles Day’ or ‘Double Eleven,’ has been a period during which shoppers seek out top-notch deals and seek value for their spending.

TikTok Shop 11.11
The in-app e-commerce platform is helping local entrepreneurs grow their digital storefront and expand their target audience

TikTok Shop is set to give Malaysian SMEs a boost during this 11.11 sales period by providing greater support for local small businesses with a brand spotlight segment promoting several local brands including dessini, casevalker, farm fresh and barang dapur basah as well as its very own Pertarungan Livestream Mega 11.11 (Mega Livestream Showdown 11.11).

This event, which will be streamed LIVE on TikTok Shop, will be featuring 10 well-loved local creators tulippetals, khairulaming, dearcarynn, bossa_sce_oe, bossjerry88, crackbrader, aidunoo, peemondayz,, and akak_e, taking to their livestream sessions and highlighting their 11.11 product promotions as part of one of the biggest e-commerce events of the year. Shoppers can also look out for no minimum spend vouchers available through livestreams between 8pm to 12 midnight on 11 November itself to enjoy further savings on their purchases.

Alongside the livestream sessions, as part of the event, we are also excited to present entertainment you won’t want to miss, including live performances by talented artists such as daliafarhana, gastonpong, shilaamzahofficial, itzputridahliaa, and danialkifli__ .

TikTok Shop By the Numbers

TikTok Shop 11.11 Infographic

Since TikTok Shop was launched in Malaysia last year, it has brought about a profound impact on the local SME community, currently hosting over 1 million sellers on the platform. Amongst these sellers, 98% comprise SMEs – with 60% hailing from major city-states, and the remaining 40% from non-major city-states. This proves TikTok Shop’s reach in providing business owners from all backgrounds and locations the opportunity to earn a living, no matter their background, location, and skillset.

These sellers’ market themselves through Shoppertainment, which brings together the best of content and commerce via LIVE sessions, video content, and shoppable ads, along with a whole host of other tools and programs to help them expand. Sellers also have complete control over their control over their own branding, marketing, and pricing.

Since 2022, TikTok Shop has partnered with 50 local ministries, GLCs, Educational institutions, and state governments to provide and build support for its sellers. This includes a joint investment with MDEC worth RM31 million for the DE Dagang initiative, which benefitted 22,000 sellers in the form of product discounts, shipping vouchers, and transaction fee subsidies.

This was further amplified through the TikTok Shop Summit, held in 2023 to celebrate the platform’s 1-year anniversary in the Malaysian market, with TikTok Shop celebrating, educating, and awarding sellers for their contribution to the nation’s economy.

SMEs can learn more about how to thrive and expand on our platform through the TikTok Shop Academy and explore partnerships with creators through our Creator Marketplace.

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