December Festivities at Persatuan Kebajikan Ci Hang Chempaka hosted by Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam

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We celebrated Christmas at Persatuan Kebajikan Ci Hang Chempaka by Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam with our elderly folks’. Mr Felix Yeo, the hotel’s highly recognised general manager, led the troop to the occasion. Overall, 15 hotel top management members, as well as other operational workers, came to celebrate Christmas with the elderly. They also hired a live band from the hotel to add elegance and entertainment to the event.

The day before, several of the hotel personnel came to decorate and arrange things. They brought with them a Christmas tree, complete with Justine baubles, twinkling stars and even a pair of reindeers.

On 20-12-2023 when all had assembled, Felix Yeo together with his staff, led by Desmond Yeow, went up to the assembly hall for the event to start.

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The band immediately stole the show and sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” The mood was vibrant, and everyone clapped to the song and swung their Santa Hats, also supplied by Concorde Hotel. Those who knew the words roared with the band. Out of tune? Never mind. It was all in the spirit of Christmas.

After a few songs, food, prepared by the hotel chef was served. Desert came in the form of a delicious cake and brownies. The old folks really tucked in and happily savoured the food.

During lunch the band continued to play and immediately after lunch, some of the old folks took to the floor to dance with the hotel stall. Several of our executive committee members also joined in the fun.

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While the band played on and the dancers jived their feet, goody bags were handed out to everyone present.

Well, all good things had a good start and also a very happy, pleasant and enjoyable end. Felix left first to attend to some business back at the hotel, the staff followed not too long after. And for us to remember them, the Christmas tree was left behind for us to continue to Christmas day, 25th December 2023, and thereafter to be kept at Ci Hang for another year of Christmas. Thank you Mr Felix Yeo and all from Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. You have left a memorable footprint in the heart and mind of all of us at Ci Hang.


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