Comeback with new single, Aini Mazalan represent ‘Outta My Mind’

Aini MazalanAini Mazalan’s latest song explores the idea of letting go and embracing fresh starts, offering a deep contemplation on the transition from past relationships to the exhilarating unknown of what lies ahead. Created by Aini herself, she effortlessly composed the song based on her thoughts. The process of finishing the song was made fast and efficient.

“This song is about moving on from your past relationship and entering the next chapter of your life. I wrote this song in just one night, it is not related with my personal life. I just created random lyrics to fit the melody that I composed spontaneously.

“When I first started I had completed crafting the first demo in June 2023, although I recorded the song later in October 2023. The process of finishing the song was a fast and short process,” she explained.

In this fresh track, she is rocking more falsetto and whispers, giving it a unique vibe. She spilled the beans that it wasn’t really a walk in the park and had to hit that record button a few times to get it just right. And if listener listens closely, there’s a vocal layer party happening, adding that extra flavor to the sound.

“This time along, my song uses a lot of falsetto and whispers, I find it pretty hard to control my voice and I have to re-record the song for a couple of times. The vocals also has a lot of layering if you listen to it carefully making it more interesting,” she added.

TIFF Aini Mazalan Outta My Mind

Be ready for a musical roller coaster as Aini unveils an upbeat heartbreak anthem that seamlessly blends dance rhythms with a mix of motivation and melancholy. This single is a departure from her previous project, taking a bold step into uncharted territory. Initially hesitant to release it due to its divergence from the last single, Aini decided to embrace the change, delivering a fresh and catchy tune that marks a daring exploration into new sonic landscapes.

“The listeners can expect an upbeat heartbreak song. It is a dance, motivational and sad at the same time. The single is an upbeat and catchy song. It’s quite different from my last project. I hesitated to release it at first because it is quite different from my previous single, but I think I wanna try something new,” she said.

With a hand on approach to both writing and production, Aini takes the helm in crafting the latest release, expertly weaving together her musical vision. Collaborating with the talented producer Thodappakuchi on the bassline and drums, the song emerges as a seamless fusion of creative energies.

“I wrote, compose and produce this song. The bassline & drums were composed by a producer called Thodappakuchi.”

Eager to resonate with audiences in the vibrant South East Asia (SEA) markets, Aini aspires to captivate listeners, inviting them to enjoy and dance to the infectious beats of this track. This release marks not only a musical endeavor but a heartfelt connection with fans, fostering a shared experience through the rhythm and melody.

“I really hope that this song will reach to the right audience especially in SEA markets, the more the merrier. I do hope that my listeners and fans enjoy the song and dance to it as much as I love creating the track,” Aini said.

‘Outta My Mind’ can be downloaded on iTunes and enjoyed through all music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music.

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