‘Cinta Kayangan’ the most recent single by Razzuan Rosli.

Razzuan 1 1%20(1)Razzuan Rosli’s artistic career as an actor has shown that he is talented enough to attract his own following. Indeed, the man who debuted with the Universal Music Malaysia single “Akur” in 2022 took a fresh chance on his singing career.

One of his most treasured life experiences was the process of recording the first single. Razzuan now makes an appearance with the song Cinta Kayangan, which tackles the issue of blind love, after realizing how ingrained his singing career is. Razzuan cleverly explains how love is essentially a subjective concept in this song. “While it may seem subjective, love is truly blind. Because occasionally we meet folks in this life who we think are with us but are actually not. We therefore cannot wish to stay together or carry on that connection.

Sometimes our perceptions of a connection may not match reality, and it could just be a fleeting one. Everyone should take note of this: not every meeting is fated to be held, nor should it be maintained,” he stated.

In the song Cinta Kayangan, Razzuan takes his listeners on a profound journey to discover the true meaning of love with his golden voice and heartbreaking lyrics. “Why is this song’s named Cinta Kayangan? Because love is an expensive thing. It’s not as simple for us to understand the term love as it would be to understand ABC. “Because of that too, I try to convey a song with a message of love” .

“The seed of love gave birth to us here on earth. The sense of love that entwined two individuals is another reason this earth exists. Thus, that’s one of the reasons I choose this song, Cinta Kayangan,” he remarked. Speaking about the Cinta Kayangan song’s music video, Razzuan explained that it explores the idea of making sacrifices in order to find happiness.

Razzuan 5 1%20(1)“The message of this music video is that everything that gets in the way of a person’s happiness should be willingly let go of. Although it’s not easy, making sacrifices is a necessary step on the path to real happiness. I thus hope that this music video will inspire people to think critically and recognize the bravery and persistence it takes to make the sacrifices necessary to pursue their goals.

For sure, Razzuan is hoping that Cinta Kayangan will be well welcomed by fans who will value the message that the song seeks to deliver.It is my genuine desire that the audience will embrace this Cinta Kayangan song with love and compassion. This song has a deeper meaning and a tale to be told in addition to being entertaining.

The music video for Cinta Kayangan, which debuted exclusively on Universal Music Malaysia’s official YouTube page, may now be heard on all digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, KKBOX, Deezer, and YouTube Music, as of January 26, 2024.Razzuan 4 1%20(1)

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