Adrianna Cinta’s debut drama has an official soundtrack called “Malang Si Puteri,” which features her soaring, heartfelt melodies.

Adrianna Jauh Cover Art

Adrianna Cinta, a singer and writer who is 21 years old, spreads her wings across the musical landscape with the release of her ethereal theme, “Jauh,” for the upcoming drama “Malang Si Puteri.”

From igniting TikTok with her magnetic presence to serenading audiences with her hit single, “Cinta Berlalu,” last year, Adrianna now embarks on a journey of lyrical mastery as the youngest songwriters collaborating with Malaysia’s icon, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, and Indonesian Platinum songstress Meiska Adinda under the esteemed banner of Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia for this OST project of “Malang Si Puteri”.

Bearing the torch of pride for her burgeoning career, Adrianna reflects, “I’m elated for this opportunity at the perfect moment. The faith bestowed upon me by Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia and the revered composer Farouk Roman allows me to unleash my creative prowess, especially in crafting the soul-stirring soundtrack for ‘Malang Si Puteri’.”

Farouk Roman, the maestro behind the haunting melodies of “Jauh,” resonates with Adrianna’s poetic essence, affirming, “I relish in discovering new lyrical talents, and Adrianna embodies that essence. Her potential in the music realm knows no bounds. Moreover, her distinct vocal timbre effortlessly captures the zeitgeist, ensuring our compositions resonate deeply with today’s discerning listeners.”

As the curtains rise on “Malang Si Puteri,” a tale of adversity and resilience unfolds, starring luminaries such as Fasha Sandha and Hafreez Adam under the directorial finesse of Uchee Fukada. Amidst the tumultuous narrative, Adrianna navigates the labyrinth of emotions, infusing her melodic prowess into the fabric of the storyline.

Heralding from the hallowed halls of a Private Higher Education Institution, Adrianna stands adorned with the laurels of academic excellence, clinching the Dean’s Award throughout her tenure. As she approaches the zenith of her educational odyssey, Adrianna beckons listeners to immerse themselves in the haunting strains of “Jauh,” a poignant ode to love’s arduous journey through trials and tribulations.

“I hope my fans embrace the essence of ‘Jauh,’ for it encapsulates the profound depths of love amidst adversity. Despite the agony of separation, it’s a universal truth we all endure,” Adrianna muses, her words echoing with raw authenticity.

In the digital realm, “Jauh” finds its sanctuary on iTunes. It resonates across premier music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music, beckoning listeners into a transcendent sonic voyage.

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