With 11.4 million units shipped, VIVO dominates China’s smart phone shipment market in the second quarter of 2023.

Market research guru Canalys has announced that vivo has secured the top place in China’s smartphone market for the second quarter of 2023, which is exciting news for the mobile business. With an outstanding market share of 18% and over 11.4 million smartphones delivered, vivo emerged as the industry leader in smartphone shipments despite stiff competition.

In Q2 2023, China’s smartphone shipments were 64.3 million units, slightly down by 5%, despite economic challenges and global uncertainties. However, vivo’s consumer-oriented approach led to significant improvement, propelling them to the industry forefront.

Earning the esteemed position as one of the top 5 best selling smartphone brands globally, vivo has significantly expanded its reach across the world. Presently, it caters to a vast user base exceeding 400 million individuals, spanning across more than 60 countries and

Consumers are becoming more willing to spend money on high-quality products, said
Canalys analyst Amber Liu. Since last year, the average selling price of cellphones in China has topped $450, and analysts predict that it will rise much further over the coming quarters. This confirms vivo’s unwavering dedication to providing its users with services that are of the highest quality and value.

Recently, vivo reinforces its industry leadership in Malaysia with the launch of vivo Y78 5G. This device sets new standards with a 64MP OIS camera and an OLED dual-curved screen, all available at an affordable price of only RM1399

For more information, stay tuned to vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page.

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