In its Mental Health Awareness campaign this year, Suria KLCC, the prominent shopping destination, underscores the importance of self-care.

This campaign runs from October 6th to October 15th, spanning ten days. Building on the successes of the 2021 and 2022 mental health campaigns, Suria KLCC is dedicated to its long-standing efforts to support this important cause.

In line with the World Federation for Mental Health’s theme, ‘Mental health is a universal human right’, this year’s campaign pivots around the theme of self-care. The tagline, ‘Your Mind, Your Journey’, underscores the paramount importance of emotional, physical, and social well-being in overall mental health.

The mall’s Center Court will serve as the hub of this campaign, offering a myriad of engaging and interactive activities supported by Suria KLCC’s valued tenants and partners. The mall continues its meaningful collaboration with esteemed NGOs such as the Green Ribbon Group, Malaysian Mental Health Association, Befrienders KL, Mental Illness Awareness Support Association, and the newly onboarded Nyawa Organisation.

The sale of the ‘Suria Ribbon Pin’ will remain a focal point for fundraising, with all proceeds contributing to the cause. The pins are available for RM10 each at the Concierge.

Andrew Brien, CEO of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, said, “This campaign reflects our commitment to nurturing not only the physical but also the emotional and social well-being of our community. ‘Your Mind, Your Journey’ is an invitation to embark on a path of self-discovery and care.”


Safe Space at Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC is the first and only mall in Malaysia to take mental health awareness to the next level through the creation of a safe space for the community. This year, the space is divided into three zones: physical and spiritual, emotional and mental, and social and leisure. Each zone is designed to cater to specific aspects of self-care, offering visitors dedicated professionals and activities for holistic well-being.

In the ‘Physical & Spiritual’ zone, Babel, an established gym and wellness sanctuary, is leading fitness and meditation sessions to foster physical well-being and mindfulness. Babel also holds activities in the park, encouraging visitors to reconnect with nature. Completing this self-care zone are beauty workshops and makeovers conducted by esteemed beauty partners.

The ‘Emotional & Mental’ zone provides professional support through clinics, talks, and consultations facilitated by NGOs, ensuring individuals have access to expert guidance and assistance. The space is filled with uplifting messages as well as helpful facts to promote emotional well-being. This zone also features an immersive calming room for mental relaxation and serenity.

The ‘Social & Leisure’ zone promises fun and engaging activities for visitors, fostering bonds and creating joyful experiences through crafting, painting, journaling, and group participation.

Within this safe space located at the Center Court, Nyawa launched a journal on October 7. Following this, a mental health and self-care dialogue took place, featuring speakers such as celebrity mental health advocate Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim and HELP University Psychology Department Associate Professor, Dr. Eugene Tee. Visitors then had the chance to participate in an art therapy workshop facilitated by a professional counselling psychologist.

Throughout this campaign, Heritouch Gallery is showcasing artworks that revolve around the themes of reflection, healing, and the expression of emotions through art.

Meanwhile, The Body Shop is organizing calming hand-pampering sessions every day at 5.30 pm.

On October 14, Estée Lauder is hosting a health talk and makeover session. With a legacy of over three decades of championing breast cancer awareness, Estée Lauder shines a light on this disease and the profound impact it has on mental health.


“Arty Inflatable” Experience

Complementing the activities, the Esplanade KLCC is hosting an interactive installation of giant inflatable flowers, aptly named the “Arty Inflatable” experience. Spanning from the 8th to the 22nd of

In October, this inaugural 15-day spectacle is poised to secure its place in the Malaysian Book of Records as the biggest inflatable floral installation.

This promises a novel and engaging encounter for shoppers, further solidifying Suria KLCC’s position as the quintessential experiential shopping haven for both locals and tourists.

This installation seamlessly ties in with the mental health theme, as each flower is carefully selected to symbolize an aspect relating to mental health. For example, roses symbolise love and self-love, while sunflowers mean positivity and optimism.


Alamanda Shopping Centre

Alamanda Shopping Centre, in collaboration with the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya health departments, is taking a significant step towards promoting mental health awareness.

With mental illness ranking as the second highest health concern after heart disease, this initiative aims to raise awareness, disseminate crucial information, and foster a more supportive environment for those impacted by mental health issues.

From October 20th to 22nd, the Center Court of Alamanda will transform into a hub of activities focused on mental health. This includes free health screenings for individuals aged 18 and above.


In line with the event’s objectives, a diverse range of activities has been thoughtfully curated:

Fitness Challenges: Engaging physical activities designed to promote overall fitness and well-being ‘Healthy Mind’ Exhibition: An informative space aimed at increasing awareness about the importance of mental health.

Counseling Therapy Booth: Providing a confidential space for individuals to seek professional guidance and support

Children’s Activities: A coloring contest for ages 5–6 and interactive storytelling sessions for ages 10–12, all with the theme of promoting a healthy mind and family.

Youth Empowerment: Choral speaking sessions for schools in Putrajaya, focusing on instilling the value of a healthy mind among participants aged 13–17.

Insightful Discussions: A Ted Talk session centered around various aspects of mental health.

Mental Health Forum: A discussion featuring psychiatric experts and mental health clients, offering invaluable perspectives on mental well-being.


Mesra Mall

Meanwhile, Mesra Mall in Kemaman, Terengganu, is also proud to announce its Mental Health Awareness campaign, running from October 12th to 15th. Held in collaboration with the Psychiatry Department of Hospital Kemaman, this initiative is designed to create an interactive and informative space for the community.

As a part of this campaign, Mesra Mall will offer free mental health consultations, providing expert guidance and support to visitors seeking assistance with their mental well-being.

A mental health quiz will be conducted, featuring an interactive format aimed at testing knowledge and enhancing understanding of mental health issues among participants.

Complementing the mental health initiatives, there will be complimentary physical health checks available, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

Mesra Mall recognizes the power of art in promoting mental health. To engage shoppers effectively, an art wall will be on display, showcasing how art can help individuals manage a variety of mental health issues and psychological challenges.

On October 12, Dr. Zaliha A. Rahman from the Psychiatry Department at Hospital Kemaman will conduct mental health talks and discussions. These sessions aim to provide shoppers with expert insights and guidance on understanding and managing mental health.

In addition to informative talks, a series of engaging games and activities related to mental health awareness will be hosted to foster understanding and encourage participation.


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