Sony Has Revealed the INZONE Buds, Which Are Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds Boasting the Longest Battery Life in The Industry, Developed with Guidance from Fnatic

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds – Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds with the Industrys Longest Battery Life 1
INZONE Buds join the acclaimed INZONE range as its first truly wireless gaming earbuds, bringing the industry’s longest 12-hour battery life1 with less than 30ms low latency.

Sony has launched INZONE Buds, new completely wireless gaming earphones packed with Sony’s famous audio technology designed to help you win. INZONE Buds provide an immersive gaming experience for both PC and console players, thanks to customized sound, an unrivaled 12-hour battery life, and low latency.

Accompanying this innovation is the INZONE H5 wireless headset, which offers an astonishing 28 hours of uninterrupted gameplay, ensuring comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Both of these products were born through a collaboration with the renowned esports team, Fnatic, who will celebrate 20 years of operation in 2024 and secured back-to-back international titles in the VALORANT Champions Tour this year.

Furthermore, the sleek new black version of the highly acclaimed INZONE H9 wireless noise cancelling headset will be launched.

INZONE continues to elevate your PC and PlayStation gaming experience with enhanced audio realism.


MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 0.1 MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 0.2 MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 0.3 MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 0.4 MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 0.5

360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

With 360 Spatial Sound on INZONE Buds you can hear the direction and distance of your opponent, so you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition. Through its years of work on industry leading headphone technology, Sony has developed the INZONE Buds to offer a sound field tailored to you. By analysing not only the shape of the outer ear, but also the acoustic characteristics of the ear canal, INZONE Buds offer more precise spatial sound.

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 1.1
360 Spatial Sound for Gaming
MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 1.3
A sound field tailored to you

With Sound Field Optimisation, you can create a personalised hearing profile by taking photos of your ears using the 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser smartphone app. Then you can enjoy your game with unmatched spatial accuracy.

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 2
The perfect audio for your ear shape

INZONE Buds can be optimised for your ear canal with Sound Tone Personalisation. The earbuds play test sounds from driver units and use feedback microphones to measure how the sound fills your ear canal. Based on the acoustic analysis, the sound is then personalised using the INZONE Hub PC application, ensuring a truly own spatial listening experience.

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 3
Optimised for your ear canal

Dynamic Driver X

By faithfully reproducing every sound within the game, from powerful explosions to subtle footsteps, you’ll feel transported into the world of the game. This is made possible through specially engineered high-performance driver unit – Dynamic Driver X – that is designed for wide frequency reproduction, and which is also used with the WF-1000XM5. The diaphragm structure, which utilises different materials for both the dome and edge, ensures minimal distortion and a clear sound quality, delivering an unparalleled level of auditory realism.

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 4
Be fully immersed in the gaming experience

Noise cancelling

Sony’s active noise cancellation capabilities mean INZONE Buds block out background noise, so you can focus on the game.

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 5
No distractions and a quality soundscape

Power up your gaming sessions

The new low power consumption processor L1 provides up to 12 hours2 of battery life in the headphones, with up to 24 hours total battery life with the charging case. With the industry’s longest battery life, the INZONE Buds are ready to power longer sessions and revolutionise your gaming.

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 6.1
12-hour battery for longer sessions
MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 6.2
Quick charging if you’re in a hurry

The INZONE Buds come with a USB-C® dongle connection that provides latency of less than 30ms, meaning there will be nothing to hold you back.

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 7
Low latency keeps you sharp

Increased comfort, more gaming

With a new design that reduces contact with the ear, you can game for longer with increased comfort.

INZONE Buds are available in two colour options – black and white – so you can choose the one that most suits your gaming style.

Other features

  • Microphone with AI-based noise reduction: Effectively captures your voice even in noisy environments.
  • Tap operation: Customisable tap functions.
  • LE Audio: Enjoy up to 24 hours of battery life when connected to your smartphone.
  • Smartphone App: Compatible with the Sony | Headphones Connect app.
MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 10
AI helps you be heard in the action
MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 11
Customisable controls
MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE Buds 12
LE Audio ready


MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE H5 0.1 MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE H5 0.2 MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE H5 0.3

With a lightweight build, lower side pressure, and advanced spatial reproduction, the H5 is ready for your longest gaming session. INZONE H5 also features advanced spatial reproduction to keep you focused on the game, as well as a boom microphone to ensure you’re heard, making them the ideal headset in your quest for victory.

INZONE H5 key features

  • Wireless: 2.4GHz wireless connection.
  • 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming: Precision with 3D sound positioning.
  • Endless Comfort: Lightweight at 260g, soft-fit ear pads, and low-pressure design for extended gaming sessions.
  • Crystal-Clear Communication: AI-based noise reduction and bi-directional microphone ensure clear in-game calls.
  • Battery Life: 28 hours wireless.
  • Wired: 3.5 mm plug option.

INZONE H9 Black – a new colour variation

MY 11 Oct 2023 Sony Unveils INZONE H9 0.1

INZONE H9, known for its exceptional noise-cancellation, audio quality, and comfort, is receiving a highly anticipated new Black colour option.

Refined for Victory. Advised by Fnatic.

Fnatic CEO, Sam Mathews, said: “Our partnership continues to push esports performance to its highest level, gearing up and supporting our professional teams to operate at their greatest potential. One of our first priorities as partners was to bring the extensive competitive experience of our pros to the development of INZONE Buds and INZONE H5.

In particular, our teams advised Sony that INZONE Buds would be an ideal gaming earbud with the battery life and comfort that can withstand even longest gaming sessions, as well as immersive audio our pros can rely on to overcome competition on the global stage.

We are thrilled that our global fan base now has the opportunity to experience our collaborative efforts with these earbuds and game with the knowledge they’ve got their favourite pros backing them.”


The INZONE Buds, INZONE H5 and INZONE H9 Black headsets will be available in Malaysia from October 2023.

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