SABAH FC – Three Points For Tomorrow!!!


Sabah FC: Manager Datuk Ong Kim Swee Urges Players to Stay Focused and Avoid Early Concussions. The team’s main target is the mandatory mission to win against Haiphong FC!

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In the action at the Likas Stadium, Kim Swee has also identified the weaknesses in the team when they lost to the same opponent in Haiphong two weeks ago and does not want the same thing to happen again if they want to get full points.



The former manager of the national U-23 squad is also not upset with the holiday being too long because he has more time to prepare his team in addition to being able to give enough rest to his players, especially the national players.




Sabah FC need a full three points to return to the top of Group H thus brightening their chances of qualifying for the next stage.

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