Maracana Stadium- Fight between Brazil fans and Argentina fans

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In the moments leading up to the commencement of the match, a disruptive incident unfolded as law enforcement found themselves compelled to employ batons in response to visiting supporters who were reportedly engaged in riotous behavior and provocation.

The clash between the police and the visiting fans escalated just minutes before kick-off, creating a tense atmosphere that cast a shadow over the anticipated sporting event. The use of force highlights the challenges faced by authorities in managing crowd control during high-stakes matches, raising concerns about the safety and security of both spectators and participants in such tense situations.

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As the incident unfolds, it underscores the need for a comprehensive approach to ensuring the peaceful enjoyment of sporting events for all involved parties.

Several supporters were reported injured and also caught the attention of Argentine players including Lionel Messi who continued to rush to the scene of the fight.

Argentina goalkeeper Emi Martinez tried to jump into the stands to stop a Brazilian police officer who was hitting a supporter with a baton.

The match resumed after the incident was resolved peacefully by the authorities

Argentina won the match by beating Brazil 1-0 thanks to a Nicolas Otamendi goal to lead the South American qualifiers with 15 points from six games.

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