Malaysia Cup Final 2023 – The condition of the field is very troubling for the country national players

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Tonight’s match is very important for both teams but the issue of the Bukit Jalil National Stadium field, which has attracted the attention of many parties and has been criticized on social media, is of great concern to the players of each team.


Various parties are also worried about the fate of the players who will play in the Malaysia Cup final on Friday and also the national players who will be called up next month for the 2024 Asian Cup.


The party responsible for the management of the pitch, the Malaysian Stadium Corporation (PSM) finally issued a statement admitting that the pitch was unsatisfactory and apologized to all those involved in the final for not having time to prepare a better pitch.

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Through a post in the comment section of a football portal, Tunku Ismail admitted that the condition of the pitch he was blessed with was in a bad condition and would pose a risk of injury to the players, especially the national players who will represent the country in the Asian Cup next month.


Tunku Ismail’s anxiety was also shared by many local football supporters who were also disappointed by PSM’s actions because they did not manage to take care of the field properly and seemed to not care about the welfare of the players and supporters.


JDT and Terengganu will face each other in the Malaysia Cup final with Harimau Selatan wanting to defend the title and record a double quadruple title while Terengganu is trying to erase a 22-year drought without a Malaysia Cup title.

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