Shah Alam Stadium aerial view

For Selangor teams and supporters, Shah Alam Stadium is the most historic venue. The Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) has already given approval to be demolished in the near future to build a more modern and sophisticated stadium.


Amirudin responded to a question about the stadium’s demolition date by saying, “We just got permission from MBSA yesterday.”


Before this, a screenshot was spread on social media which revealed the cost of constructing the Shah Alam Stadium which had just reached RM3.28 billion.


However, Amirudin last August explained that the figure of RM3.28 Billion was just a proposal from the developer and the cost of building the new stadium still remained between RM800-900 million as was announced last year.

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“They said the cost of stadium construction reached RM3.2 billion based on one screenshot. This is False! The cost of building a new stadium still remains between RM800-900 million as I announced in 2022.


“The RM3.2 billion figure is the developer’s proposal to develop the entire 70 acres of the surrounding area including the construction of a hotel, indoor theater, bus station and youth recreation center,” he said.

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