MGTC’s Sustainability Drive: Showcasing Collective Strength at IGEM2023

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 OCTOBER 2023 –  On the third day of the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia 2023 (IGEM 2023), the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) unveiled a new series of pioneering partnerships and initiatives designed to promote environmental responsibility and climate action in Malaysia.

In partnership with the UK Government, MGTC is proud to introduce the Malaysia Climate Action Simulator (MCAS). MCAS is a simulation tool to enable stakeholders to visualise low-carbon future scenarios through 2050. This cutting-edge tool will facilitate the exploration of pathways to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in various sectors, including energy, transport, building, industry, land use, and waste. MCAS is a vital communication tool to raise awareness about the impact of technology and policy choices on GHG emissions. In a bid to promote sustainability education, MGTC is also collaborating with universities to develop educational modules centered around MCAS, potentially integrating it into a university syllabus, MCAS is open to further research contributions, fostering informed decision-making for a sustainable future. The MCAS web tool can be accessed at

MGTC is also thrilled to announce a strategic Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) in support of sustainability in Malaysia’s water sector. This partnership will focus on the adoption of the Low Carbon Operating System (LCOS) for measuring carbon emissions. MGTC will provide onboarding support for LCOS, while SPAN, as the regulatory authority, will lead the widespread adoption of this platform.

Together, they aim to drive environmentally responsible water management practices, aligning with Malaysia’s commitment to a greener future. The collaboration’s total value is RM368,265.20, covering the measurement of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions for SPAN and 12 water operators. This partnership also encompasses the promotion of climate change awareness, LCOS adoption, and the establishment of a standardised system for carbon emissions measurement and reporting in the water industry.

In addition, an MoC has also been established between MGTC and Greehill Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, aiming to explore and evaluate potential joint endeavours in the domain of urban green infrastructure and ecosystem services management. This partnership will encompass comprehensive surveys, automated inventory processes, tree risk analysis, quantification, visualisation, reporting, and monitoring of urban green infrastructure, enhancing urban planning and sustainability efforts. These activities are designed to bolster urban planning initiatives, enhance sustainability practices, and ultimately contribute to the development of more environmentally resilient urban environments.

In a significant stride towards plastic circularity and sustainability, MGTC has forged a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) with the Malaysian Recycling Alliance (MAREA). This collaborative effort seeks to harness MGTC’s position in promoting green growth and MAREA’s specialization in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Together, they aim to establish strategic alliances, facilitate the exchange of technical expertise, implement capacity development programs for EPR, foster eco-design and eco-innovation in plastic packaging, and educate communities about the principles of plastic circularity. This partnership is aligned with Malaysia’s overarching green growth strategies and the objectives outlined in the Malaysia Plastic Sustainability Roadmap (MPSR).

GCEO of MGTC, Ts Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor mentioned, “These initiatives and partnerships collectively reflect MGTC’s unwavering commitment to fostering sustainability, environmental responsibility, and climate action in Malaysia. These collaborations span a wide spectrum of critical areas and exemplify Malaysia’s dedication to building a greener and more sustainable future.”

“These collaborations not only coincide with Malaysia’s initiatives for environmentally sustainable growth and the SDGs, but also serve as essential contributors to addressing worldwide challenges associated with climate change. As we progress, MGTC remains steadfast in its commitment to these transformative initiatives, guided by a distinct vision of constructing a more sustainable and resilient future for all, leaving no one behind,” he added.

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