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Selangor Fc managed to defeat PDRM Fc when they won 3-1 at home in the last action of the Super League this season at the Petaling Jaya City Council Stadium (MBPJ), the victory was celebrated by 10,000 supporters who attended last night.


Selangor Fc’s winger, Faisal Halim opened the scoring with a penalty kick, then grabbed the second goal through Selangor Fc’s captain, Brendan Gan in the 45th minute who made a quick kick towards the goal after Ayron Del Valle’s header hit the post.


In the second half, PDRM Fc managed to close the gap in the 71st minute when the imported player from Jordan, Fadi Awad completed Uche Agba’s pass.

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However, at the end of the final period of the match, striker Richmond Boakye scored the third goal in the 89th minute and confirmed the full 3 points belonging to Selangor Fc


Selangor Fc maintained their second position as the 2023 super league runners-up by collecting 61 points and 20 wins from 26 matches throughout the league.

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