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Asian Cup: If the Malaysian squad plays just one friendly match against the Syrian team, it can have a minor impact on their preparation. On January 12, 2024, the Asian Cup will be held in Doha, Qatar.


The manager of the national squad, Kim Pan-gon admits to being worried about the situation, but will try to find a way to ensure that the preparations of the national squad are not interrupted.


Previously, FAM confirmed that the friendly match against Saudi Arabia had to be canceled at the request of the manager, Roberto Mancini.


The former Manchester City manager provided the explanation that the match was canceled because there was a chance his team would play Malaysia in the Asian Cup’s round of 16.


So far, the Malayan Tigers will only meet Syria, which is ranked 91st in the world, in a friendly action on January 8.

Kim Pan Gon 2

In the meantime, Pan-gon thanked FAM after the national football governing body allowed the Harimau Malaya squad to fly early to Doha to prepare.


On January 1, the national team will take a plane to Doha.



Group E opponents Malaysia will play Jordan at Al Janoub Stadium on January 15 and Bahrain at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium on January 20 of the Asian Cup.


Then, five days later, they will play South Korea in the Al Janoub Stadium in the group’s last match.

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