‘Konsert Kepadamu Kekasih Simfoni Ramadan’ Unite Dato’ Hattan and Dato’ Jamal Abdillah

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A special Ramadan will surely unleash memories and inspirations in every corner of the life of anyone who calls themselves a Muslim.

The arrival of Ramadan is not just a recurring ritual but an opportunity for every believer to examine the level and quality of piety in theirself.

Taking the blessings of that holy month, Berkat Budi in collaboration with HS Shazlicious Trading, celebrated Konsert Kepadamu Kekasih Simfoni Ramadan at Royale Chulan, Seremban, on March 29th.

Interestingly, the show features two legendary singers of the homeland, Dato’ Jamal Abdillah and Dato’ Hattan.

Hattan’s involvement in this performance will definitely be in the spotlight especially after he announced that he wants to retire from singing next June.

One thing that also interesting is since recently, Hattan has been seen choosing to perform alongside the otai singers as before through ‘Konsert Ijmal Cinta Ramadan’ held on March 23rd.

Hattan said, he wanted to share the stage with a legend in the local music industry who was considered something remarkable.

“I really want to share the stage with the legend in the local music industry. It is not only an exciting event but also awaited with enthusiasm by loyal fans of local music.

“Something special to be able to share the stage with a legend in the local music industry. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience. I hope this show brings inspiration and joy to all those who are watching,” he said.

Sharing about the performance at Konsert Kepadamu Kekasih Simfoni Ramadan, Hattan hopes that the audience will not only be comforted but also give spiritual injection to themselves in accordance with this holy month of Ramadan.

“I hope that the audience can feel the tremendous joy and also get the spiritual inspiration that arouses their spirits in this glorious month of Ramadan.

“Insya-Allah, Dato’ Jamal and I will present the continuity of music so beautifully in an atmosphere full of blessing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jamal hoped that the content of his offerings with Hattan would not only be accepted from a singing angle solely, but more important is the meaning of Ramadan in oneself.

“I hope that the content of our performance is not only accepted in terms of the singing abilities solely, but even further, so that the deep meaning of Ramadan can be absorbed and lived by every individual who listens to it.

“So that we all know the importance of conveying religious messages not only through preaching and talks but also through art and entertainment,” he said.

Konsert Kepadamu Kekasih Simfoni Ramadan has also been co-operated by Negeri Sembilan Contingent Police Headquarters as a strategic partner. Donations will also be given to underprivileged of former or policemen and artists who born in Negeri Sembilan.

Tickets through the table sale were sold for RM15,000 (Table VVIP), RM12,000 (Table VIP), RM8,000 (Table Platinum), RM6,000 (Table Gold) and RM4,000 (Table Silver). For reservations, please call Hatta at 018-223 9934 and Shasha at 019-769 5588.

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