vivo x LiHO TEA Semporna Green Avocado
After a successful relationship with Tourism Malaysia, vivo Malaysia has now partnered with LiHO TEA, the leading tea brand in Singapore, to produce the vivo Y36 5G Semporna Green. Semporna Green Avocado, a limited-edition and special beverage, is the result of this amazing cooperation. Customers may indulge in a Buy 1 Get 1 discount that will be offered from August 11 through October 6, 2023, as a special treat.

The Semporna Green Avocado drink is a tribute to the vibrant Semporna Green shade, drawing inspiration from the exquisite Sabah tourist destination. This rich and satisfying drink harmoniously combines two of LiHO TEA’s signature elements – the salty and savoury cheese topping atop the velvety avocado blend.

Crafted with the finest Mexican Avocado and Gula Malacca, this revitalising drink mirrors the vibrant shades of the vivo Y36 5G smartphone, embodying the captivating allure of Semporna’s shimmering sea waters. For all fervent LiHO enthusiasts, the Semporna Green Avocado is an absolute must-try. 

To avail of this promotion, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Follow any of LiHO TEA’s social media platforms
  2. Show any vivo smartphone to a LiHO TEA staff member
  3. Purchase the Semporna Green Avocado and get another cup for free

Now you can enjoy this limited-time Buy 1 Free 1 promotion starting from 11 August to 6 October, 2023 at selected LiHO TEA outlets:

  • LiHO TEA 1 Utama Shopping Centre, FK-1B
  • LiHO TEA Sunway Velocity Mall, Lot 2-35
  • LiHO TEA SS2, No.90 
  • LiHO TEA Sutera Mall, Lot L2-605 & 606
  • LiHO TEA R&F Mall, Lot G-071

Launched in June 2023, the vivo Y36 5G has captured the hearts of Malaysians, boasting remarkable attributes such as 5G capabilities, 8+256GB storage, a long-lasting 5000mAh battery+44W Flashcharge and 50MP Fun camera. Priced affordably at RM1099, it continues to stand out among its competitors as the favored choice for users seeking both affordability and high performance. This collaboration serves as an avenue to further showcase vivo Y36 5G’s outstanding attributes and beauty to a wider audience.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive collaboration and head over to your nearest LiHO TEA stores to savour the essence of Semporna Green Avocado, all while indulging in the special Buy 1 Free 1 promotion.

For more information, stay tuned to vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page.


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