Ascott Star KLCC’s 2nd Anniversary Gala: A Night of Unparalleled Luxury and Glamour

Get ready to be dazzled, Kuala Lumpur! Ascott Star KLCC, the epitome of luxury living, is set to host its extravagant 2nd Anniversary Black and Gold Gala on April 29th, 2024. This isn’t just any celebration; it’s a momentous occasion marking two years of reshaping Kuala Lumpur’s luxury landscape, and you’re cordially invited to be a part of this historic event.

In just a short span of two years, Ascott Star KLCC has revolutionized the city’s luxury scene, raising the bar and redefining what opulence truly means. From its humble beginnings without F&B outlets, Ascott Star KLCC has soared to culinary stardom with its iconic Alva rooftop restaurant and the irresistible Miss J Cafe. These culinary havens aren’t just places to dine; they’re experiences that have captivated the palates of celebrities, corporate tycoons, and discerning travelers alike. Ascott Star KLCC’s gastronomic wonders have taken social media by storm, igniting imaginations and dominating headlines, cementing its position as the pinnacle of luxury in Kuala Lumpur.

But behind the scenes of Ascott Star KLCC’s success story lies the driving force of CapitaLand Investment Limited (CLI), a leading global real estate investment manager headquartered in Singapore. With approximately S$125 billion of real estate assets under management and a strong foothold in Asia, CLI is committed to scaling its funds under management (FUM) and maintaining effective capital management. As the investment management arm of CapitaLand Group, CLI leverages the development capabilities and pipeline investment opportunities from CapitaLand’s development arm, ensuring a strategic and sustainable approach to real estate investment.

Furthermore, CLI places sustainability at the forefront of its operations, with a firm commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. By contributing to the environmental and social well-being of the communities where it operates, CLI not only delivers long-term economic value to its stakeholders but also exemplifies responsible corporate citizenship.

As we celebrate Ascott Star KLCC’s 2nd Anniversary Gala, we not only revel in the luxury and glamour of the occasion but also recognize the vision and dedication of CLI in shaping the future of real estate investment. Join us as we embark on an evening of unparalleled elegance and sophistication, where every moment promises to be extraordinary.

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